Hey Everyone! Welcome to my blog!  I’m Andrea, I’m a mom of 2 lovely girls and an Interior Designer.  On my blogs I like to give helpful design tips, design inspirations and DIY and my recent projects.  I love coffee, chocolate, red wine and reading!  Designing is my passion. I enjoy creating functional and stylish room for my lovely clients.

I would like to talk you today about a style that can be seen all through Social Media.  It’s Farmhouse style!    I’m loving this style a lot!

I love the comfort and the natural look of this style.  I love that this style brings in nature into the house from reclaimed woods, organic fabrics and fresh greenery. It has a bright and airy feel to it. Farmhouse style is changing slightly.  It started off to be country looking with dried flowers, distressed wood and roosters.  Now it’s influencing other styles and more refined. There are styles like Traditional farmhouse, Bohemian farmhouse, Rustic farmhouse, Coastal farmhouse and Modern farmhouse. I think this style is staying for awhile.

Do you know which farmhouse style you like? Let’s talk about the difference in each farmhouse style. Even though all of the styles have similarities being IN-Tuned with nature and simple materials like natural wood, metal and natural fiber fabrics. White and cream walls that gives it a bright and airy feeling into the room. There are a slight difference in each.


Traditional (Classic) farmhouse style is known for its sophistication and comfort and soft color palette. It has vintage furniture pieces, white slip cover sofa and decorative detail in the wood, stone and metal its at a minimum and thoughtfully arranged. Not over-ally fussy.





Boho farmhouse style is known for its earthy and warmth and exotic textures and tribal patterns, but yet known for its simplicity,  While cream is still the color of choice, paired with neutrals, bright, bold hues can also be used.



Rustic farmhouse style is known for its natural textures and materials like leather, distressed wood or galvanized steel. You will see more wrought iron being used. Exposed beams, brick and steel being used in the structure. This is style is also known as Industrial.



Coastal farmhouse style is known for its bright and airy feel, characterized by ocean motifs and sea life. Rattan furniture and slip cover sofas being used.  Colors like white, blue and sage colors are used often. It’s quite beautiful.



Modern farmhouse style is known for its simplicity, more modern straight arm furniture being used  natural textures and materials like leather, wood or metal. While cream is still the color of choice, paired with neutrals, bright, bold hues can also be used.  I’m loving the clean lines and simplicity of this style.





Now that you can see the similarities and the differences. Do you have a favorite?  I like them all! LOL! 

If I had to pick a style for my space, I would go for the modern, Bohemian and rustic farmhouse I would choose a  straight arm sofa in a cream color, earthy and bold patterns in my pillows and distressed oak wood & metal legs cocktail table. I believe each style influences each other and it is totally fine to mix it up a little.  If you are drawn to only one style that is great too. First pick the style you like most and that would be your base you start off with, and then by adding in the accents like pillows, area rug and accessories with the other style you might like.

So for an example: just say you like modern and Boho.  If you like a more clean line look a little better like in the modern. Go for a neutral straight arm sofa to start off with and modern table and then add a traditional rug and  then pick up a a more earthy accents by the rattan accessories.  For visual look at this photo below from Joanne Gaines. It’s modern and earthy, but look at that center light fixture its has some bling to it. Somewhat traditional. 

To figure out what style you like I suggest creating a Pinterest board and start pinning everything you find interesting and write in the description of that pin  “What do you like about that picture”?  When you completed your board take a look at your board can you see what style you like to pin a lot?  It’s really getting to understand what styles you are drawn to and how to apply it into your space and creating a space of your own.

Your room should reflect you and your life. Instead of purchasing mindless things just to fill up a room because someone says your modern, but yet your modern and somewhat liking the coastal farmhouse theme. I say Mix the 2 styles together. Go for it! 

Create a room that is more mindful and has meaning to your everyday life and journey. Let the room reflect you!

If you are needing assistance to nail down your style and help pulling it all together, I can help? Let’s Talk!  Message Me

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Stay tuned on my next blog post, I’m going to create some Shop the Look mood-boards of the different Farmhouse styles that I just mentioned so that you can easily shop from them and/or  get inspired by them!

Happy Styling!




If you like what you see pin it to your boards










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