What is E-Design

What is E-Design and How Can it Work for You

save time and effort
E-Design is ideal for people with a budget and/or can implement the room design on their own by using the plans, mood board, shopping list and concepts provided by the designer.  E-Design is done through via email. We will provide a complete guide to lead you step by step on how to put your space together.

Residential E-Design

Have you just moved into your new home or apartment and don’t even know where to start? Maybe you have some furniture from the previous home but aren’t sure how it fits in the new space?  Our E-Design package is for you.

Comercial E-Design

Your a business owner and just opened your own office and you need assistance on how to layout your new office or how about a store/ boutique owner and need assistance to display your merchandise and proper traffic flow?  Our E-Design package is for you.

How the E-Design Process Works

My Detailed Steps

What I need from you

How long before you receive your design

What you will get from me in your customized E-Design Kit


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